The Gift of Dyslexia workshop in Gauteng 29 April 2014

We had 25 participants from all over South Africa, and some from as far as Uganda. We had a mix of dyslexics, parents, teachers and other educators, as well as a wide range of therapists, including educational psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists.

Registration for The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop, Cape Town, January 2014
April 29 - May 2
, 2014 Gifted Dyslexic will run a Gift of Dyslexia workshop
 in Tyger Valley College, East-Pretoria, Gauteng.The cost is R5,500.- (with light lunch and break-time snacks included) and can be paid by EFT. 


The presenter
The workshop is presented by Axel Gudmundsson, director of Gifted Dyslexic and Capella House school. He has been a Davis facilitator for over ten years and a Gift of Dyslexia workshop presenter since 2011. Ten years ago Axel introduced the Davis methods in Iceland, his country of origin, where the Davis approach is now the most widely used remedial intervention in the country. Since licensing, Axel has run one of UK's busiest Davis practices, and still remains active in the UK as well as in South Africa.

Map of Tyger Valley College and accommodation nearby

I have asked my contact at the school to advise, and below is her response.

Here are some places that are close to the school. The area that people may want to google for further accommodation is Shere, that is the area of the school.
But here are some that may be suited.
1. Farm Inn 012 809 0266
2. Villa Lave' 012 80901404
3. Sherewood Lodge 012 809 2398
4. Villa Amor 083 231 2063
5. Silver Palms 082 9299192
6. Jopasso 012 807 0902
7. Dark Chocolate Guest House 012 809 0626
8. Lombardy Boutique Hotel 084 550 4128

This 4-day (30 hour) workshop was developed in USA in the nineties and it is an introduction to the basic theories, principles and application of all the procedures described in Ron Davis' best-selling book The Gift of Dyslexia.
This is a stand-alone workshop, but at the same time it forms the first step of the full Davis Facilitator training. If you are interested in becoming a qualified Davis Facilitator, this workshop is your first step.

Training is done with a combination of lectures, demonstrations, group practice, and question and answer sessions. Attendance is limited to ensure the highest quality of training.

Daily schedule:
  • 9.00 start
  • 10.30 - 10.50 approx: morning break
  • 12.15 - 1.15 approx: lunch
  • 2.40 - 3.00 approx: afternoon break
  • 4.30: finish

Participants will learn:
  • Proven methods for helping adults and children improve reading, spelling, motor coordination, and attention focus.
  • How and why the Davis methods were developed.
  • How dyslexics think and perceive.
  • How to assess for the “gift of dyslexia”.
  • How to eliminate confusions and mistakes in basic language symbols.
  • How to incorporate the Davis methods in a therapeutic or educational setting.

Who Should Attend:

    The workshop is open to anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of dyslexia and to acquire effective and deeply satisfying skills to help with literacy problems. We have found that most people attending the workshop come from one or more of the following groups:
    • Parents
    • Home educators
    • Teachers
    • SENCOs
    • Special Needs Support Staff
    • Tutors
    • Psychologists
    • Counsellors
    • Speech therapists
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Trainers
    • Researchers
    • Career Guidance Counsellors
    • Anyone interested in helping others correct their dyslexia
    Why should you attend?
    • If you have a dyslexic in your circle of friends or family, and you want to take matters in your own hands, this workshop is for you.
    • If you are in teaching or special needs support, and looking for improved results and more satisfaction from your existing work, this workshop is for you.
    • If you are a therapist or a councellor and you have clients you suspect might have dyslexia, this workshop is for you. 
    • If you are responsible for providing quality education and excellent return on investment, this workshop is for you. 
    • If you are interested in training as a Davis Dyslexia facilitator, then this workshop is your first step.

    About Ron Davis:

    "Ron Davis is a revolutionary and profound thinker, and has discovered what history will record as one of the greatest insights into the fields of learning and how the mind works." 

    Comments from participants:

    Below you can read a comment from Marcia Verdelli, a third grade teacher in the South African Crossroads remedial school in Johannesburg. She attended the first Gift of Dyslexia workshop in South Africa in June 2009, along with two other members of staff. They were impressed enough after the workshop to ask Richard Whitehead from the Davis Learning Foundation in UK and Axel Gudmundsson from Gifted Dyslexic to offer a five day pilot in-house workshop, to train every member of Crossroad's staff in using the Davis methods. This one-off workshop was a hybrid of The Gift of Dyslexia workshop and the Davis Learning Strategies workshop for early intervention and prevention. 

    Quote from Marcia Verdelli, teacher at Crossroads School

    Hi Axel. Marcia here... I teach at Crossroads Remedial School in Jhb. and also have a remedial practice in the afternoon. I have given the Davis tools to about ten children and even a seven year old (I know we should do only after 8 - but I felt she could - very bright and aware and visual) and each wonderful child totally turned around and made stunning progress!! One Gr 4 girl who was totally failing, and diagnosed as dyslexic, in one term, achieved 1% higher than the class average!!

    I want to tell everyone out there.....if your child is dyslexic or not but has a learning problem... in any area.... the Ron Davis Dyslexia Programme WILL help!! I encourage everybody to purchase the two mentioned books.

    Good luck for your workshop... in C.T. Axel - parents and teachers of C.T. be amazed!!

    Here is another comment from a person in Pretoria, who attended the workshop both for personal reasons in order to help her sons and professional reasons to help the children in her pre-school:

    Quote from a mother and pre-school owner

    Things are going so well with my son, I want to cry every time a hear him read.

    And for the rest, what I've learnt during the workshop and some of my own ideas I've managed to get all the Grade R's in the preschool with practically no English to be able to be speak and understand fairly good. They also know the whole alphabet. This program is working well for me.

    Course Outline

    • Background and development of the Davis procedures
      • Research and discovery. The “gifts” of dyslexia. 
      • Anatomy and developmental stages of a learning disability. 
      • Overview of the steps for dyslexia correction.
    • Davis Perceptual Ability Assessment
      • (a screening for dyslexic learning styles)
      • Demonstration and Practice Session
    • Symptoms Profile Interview 
      • (used to assess symptoms, strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and establish motivation)
      • Demonstration and Practice Session

    • Q & A Session
    • Davis Orientation Counselling
      • (methods to control, monitor and turn off perceptual distortion)
      • What is Orientation? 
      • Demonstration and Practice Session
    • Release Procedure
      • (method for alleviating stress and headaches)
    • Alignment 
      • (an alternative to Orientation Counselling)
      • What is Alignment? 
      • How is it used? 
      • Group Demonstration
    • Dial-Setting Procedure
      • (a method for controlling energy level and ADD symptoms)

    • Q and A Session
    • Orientation Review Procedure
      • (a method for checking orientation skills)
      • Demonstration and practice session
    • Davis Symbol Mastery
      • What is Symbol Mastery?
      •  Why clay?
    • Mastering Basic Language Symbols
      • Demonstrations and Group Exercise
    • Reading Improvement Exercises
      • Spell-Reading
      • Sweep-Sweep-Spell
      • Picture-at-Punctuation
    • Davis Facilitator Licensing Programme (optional)

    • Q & A Session
    • Fine-Tuning Procedure
      • (checking and adjusting orientation using balance)
    • Symbol Mastery Exercises for Words
      • Demonstrations, Group Exercises and Sessions
    • Implementing the Davis Procedures

    Registration for The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop, Cape Town, January 2014
    After completing this workshop, you can use all the procedures in your existing work, or free of charge working with friends and family. 
    If you want to offer your services as a Davis professional, the full Davis Facilitator training is needed, and then this workshop would still be your first step. The full training outline is shown below, but at this stage South Africans need to make two trips to the UK (a total of 6 weeks) in order to complete the remainder of the training. The cost of the full training is close to £ 10 000 in the UK.